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Why do you need a proper Wheel Alignment?

Often taken for granted, getting your wheels aligned is as important as any other tyre care action and needs doing at regular intervals and will provide you with benefits which easily outweigh the cost.

A lot of our customers believe that getting your wheels aligned is an added luxury. It isn’t until after they are provided the service do they realise how important it is. In short, aligning your wheels prolongs tyre life, saves on fuel and ultimately saves you money in the long run.

There are many factors which can cause your vehicles wheels to become misaligned and for the most part, most people don’t notice.


Typically, hitting a pothole may mis-align your wheels and you may notice this immediately. Longer term alignment issues are mostly caused by kerbing (parking up on a kerb), bad driving habits like braking in corners, not keeping your tyre pressures at the correct level, driving with damaged suspension and overloading the vehicle but to name a few.

In general, driving itself will cause your wheels to become misaligned over a period of time which is why it’s important to get your wheels aligned regularly.

The effects of bad alignment come in many forms and are usually visible on your tyres. We have provided an in-depth visual guide here so you can see our list of causes, solutions and benefits.


Modern Tyres wheel alignment prices vary from type of alignment.

For more information please contact your local Modern Tyres which you can find here:



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