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UNITED WE ARE - A song made out of tyre data

Hardwell - United We Are - Vredestein Remix, created using Carmen Jordá's driving data! Technical tyre information converted into music.

'United We Are - Vredestein Remix', created together with the world's number one DJ Hardwell and racing driver Carmen Jorda.

Music has the power to affect moods and a majority of car drivers enjoying their selection of music when on the road. 'The United We Are - Vredestein Remix' track is to celebrate the moment of people driving and listening to their favourite music. The track captures the performance of Vredestein tyres in a unique way - the dance music track and video has been inspired by data from Vredestein tyres in action.




The biggest online campaign in the over 100-year history of Vredestein, #ROCKTHEROAD aims at increasing Vredestein's visibility in the 25 to 45 age group. According to Marco Paracciani, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Tyres Ltd, "The campaign is designed to highlight Vredestein's premium offerings delivering superior performance and is high on aesthetic value.


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