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Roy Carroll tests out the new CORGHI R.E.M.O. at Modern Tyres Omagh

This month hailed the arrival of a CORGHI R.E.M.O. Compact wheel alignment system at the Modern Tyres depot in Omagh. Roy Carroll, Northern Ireland International footballer, tries it out.

Back in July this year, work started in a section of the Modern Tyres depot in Omagh. This could have been any kind of refit or refurbishment, but what was waiting to be installed was to be a very unique piece of technology - the CORGHI R.E.M.O. Compact.

Not only is this the highest precision alignment system in its class, it’s the first system installed in the U.K. The Corghi R.E.M.O. (Robotic Equipment for Measuring by Optics) was conceived in response to the need for a precision instrument that avoids all contact between the rims and mechanical equipment during measurement.

The initial layout and site preparation was complete, the foundations were laid out and the tracks where laid for the robotic systems. Then came the electrics and installation of computers and optics. This all had to be calibrated and for that CORGHI sent Luigi Incagnoli Technical Engineer, all the way from Italy. He was joined by service engineer Paul Craven from Apaseal and they installed and oversaw every aspect of the installation.




Two robots run parallel with the vehicle on either side equipped with lasers and cameras that scan the wheels in 3d and determine the angles and spacial coordinates to within 1/100 of a millimetre.


What really makes this high tech machinery special is that the optics used for measuring are extremely precise and are capable of being operated in complete autonomy meaning there is no contact with the tyre and there are no devices to be attached to the rim which eliminates any damage, scuffs or scratches to alloys and rims. 


The CORGHI R.E.M.O. Compact holds a databank of cars, models and years second to none. This means there is no preparation needed for the alignment, except driving it onto the lift.

The laser optics read all the measurements of the wheels at the same time and send them to the CORGHI data system in the computer producing live reading for both the operator and the customer.


With such rapid data measurement the process can be executed much faster than any other class system. With the customer being involved with the live readings, the CORGHI R.E.M.O. Compact truly engages in consumer service in a way no other alignment system does.


The system has proved to be a big success, so if you want to get your wheels aligned its best to book your car into the Omagh depot on 02882 246598 to ensure you get your spot.


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