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Potholes - The Long Road to Ruin

Potholes, the bane of every driver. We can’t prevent them but we can try to advise as best we can on what to do if you damage your tyre.

Drivers all over Ireland are in a Rage over the Roads. The current state of the roads and highways in Ireland is a hot topic and thankfully is getting the coverage it deserves in the media as there seems to be potholes on nearly every road you drive on.

In Northern Ireland, potholes have actually, officially, gotten deeper as this comes after the roads chiefs have declared that the potholes must now have a depth of 4 inches as opposed to the former 2 inches required before filling them in - 4 inches!!

From November 2016 to Nov 2017 there were almost 1,935 vehicle damage claims with compensation payments of almost £500,000.


So, what can you do?

First of all, you must be extra vigilant. It goes without saying - You have to keep your eyes on the road, quite literally. Avoid roads that appear on pothole watch lists, if you can and if you have no other choice but to drive down them - do so at a reduced speed and try your best to avoid the potholes.

So, You hit a pothole?

Hitting a pothole, depending on how deep it is, can be a very frightening experience. The first thing to do is to assess the ‘feeling’ of the car. If it wobbles, pulls to the side or vibrates or TPMS lights come on, it is best to slow down and pull over (if it is safe to do so). Check for any damage and report the pothole. Pay a visit to your nearest Modern Tyres if you still feel it needs attention.

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