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Off-Road Tyre Guide at Modern Tyres

Going Off-Road? Look no further as we dive in to the murky, dirty down in the mud, fun and excitement of choosing Off-Road tyres!

Going Off-Road will either be for necessity or for pleasure, fun or what is for many people, an addiction.

Our best advice before giving it a try is to call into your local Modern Tyres and let our experts give you their best advice for exactly what you will need. There isn’t one specific tyre for Off-Road only, this is why it’s important to get the correct tread, size and type before committing your vehicle to unknown terrain.

Without being over-specific, this article refers to Off-Road as any surface other than what is generally regarded as being a road fit for the majority of vehicles.

There are typically 3 types of Off road tyres and we will briefly cover the differences here:


Cross-Terrain tyres are generally regarded as the ‘All-Season’ off-road tyre for SUV’s and small 4x4 vehicles. This is a multi-purpose tyre with the traction of an off-road tyre and the comfort of an on-road tyre. Designed by Michelin, the Cross-Terrain tyre enjoys a great reputation for having unbeatable mileage.



When venturing into All-Terrain Tyres, larger 4x4 vehicles really benefit from the ability to confidently tackle most types of terrain. Ordinarily, a 4x4 can simply drive off a normal road and into a field, traversing the landscape without too much trouble (as long as you have permission to be in said field). Terrain like light mud, grass, shallow riverbeds and average inclines can be tackled without too much difficulty. It is typical for All-Terrain tyres to see 20% off-road and 80% road.



If your vehicle spends most of it’s time off-road then Mud-Terrain tyres should be your tyre of choice, seeing 80% off-road and 20% on-road. Mud-Terrain Tyres, visibly have a more aggressive looking pattern which in itself stirs confidence in the driver. Mud-Terrain Tyres have exceptional grip force when it comes to traversing uneven and rocky surfaces. From deep mud to waterlogged soil to sand and shale, steep off-road inclines, mountainous terrain, Mud-Terrain Tyres can handle, carefully, most types of terrain which makes these tyres perfect for land owners, farmers and farm workers.



At Modern Tyres our top selling All-Terrain Tyres are Kumho, BF Goodrich, Continental and Bridgestone. If you would like more information on any of these tyre types, please contact your local Modern Tyres and speak with one of our experts.



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