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No More Puncture Worries for Doctors on Call

Two Northern Ireland doctor-on-call cars have been fitted with Bridgestone’s new DriveGuard run-flat tyres courtesy of Bridgestone Ireland.

The tyres have been fitted to Agnew Corporate Fleet vehicles serviced by Modern Tyres to show the capability of this new innovative tyre technology. If the doctor-on-call cars experience a puncture while on duty they will be able to continue driving for 50 miles at a speed of 50 mph.

“Bridgestone are delighted to supply DriveGuard tyres to the doctors-on-call cars and we believe they are very appropriate for vehicles that need to continue their journey even after a puncture,” says Peter Dickson, Bridgestone Ireland.

“As a service provider for the Agnew Corporate fleet I am pleased to see them embracing this new tyre technology offered by Bridgestone. I can think of other vehicles in their fleet that would benefit from Driveguard tyres being fitted“, added Stephen Shaw, Modern Tyres.

Uniquely Bridgestone DriveGuard tyres can be fitted to any car fitted with a tyre pressure monitoring system alerting motorists to a puncture on their dashboard. Until DriveGuard’s introduction earlier this year run flat tyres were only available as a replacement tyre.

“We are delighted that Bridgestone and Modern Tyres supplied and offered to test this new product out with one of our valued customers as it is imperative these vehicles remain on the road“, added Billy Caskey, Fleet Operations Manager, Agnew Corporate.


In addition to its run flat capability Bridgestone DriveGuard offers a best in class performance with no compromise on wet or rolling resistance as supported by the excellent EU tyre Label values (A for Wet Performance and C for Rolling Resistance) and independent testing by TÜV Süd demonstrating that Bridgestone DriveGuard ranks highly in performance categories that are important to drivers such as wet safety.

Pictured above: Peter Dickson, Bridgestone Ireland; Stephen Shaw, Modern Tyres and Billy Caskey, Agnew Corporate.

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