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New Vredestein All-Season HP Tyre Unrivalled Grip in Wet

Apollo Tyres has confirmed details of its all-new Vredestein Quatrac Pro+, a dedicated all-season tyre for high-performance cars and SUVs which sets new benchmarks for grip, durability and efficiency.


The new tyre goes on sale across Europe from August and, when the rollout is complete, will be available in 108 sizes for 17- to 22-inch wheel rims.
Offered in the same range of sizes as the popular Vredestein Quatrac Pro (which remains on sale), the launch of new tyre ensures Apollo Tyres’ premium Vredestein brand continues to offer the widest portfolio of all-season tyres on the market.

The new Quatrac Pro+ delivers best-in-class grip on wet roads and, compared to the popular Quatrac Pro, delivers 5% better grip on snow and cuts rolling resistance by 5% for greater fuel efficiency. The year-round performance capabilities of the tyre owe much to an advanced tread design and a sophisticated new blend of ingredients for the compound.


Wider longitudinal grooves facilitate the rapid evacuation of water, while sipes across the centre of the tread enhance water dispersal and counter aquaplaning. The advanced compound features new-generation polymers and a high proportion of silica and resin to enhance traction on wet surfaces, as well as maximise steering response and stability on snow and slush.

The new tyre features robust outside shoulder blocks which offer greater stability when cornering, while also having a level of inherent flexibility to allow for longitudinal deformation of the tread blocks in very cold conditions, maximising grip on snow. The tyre carries the ‘Three Peak Mountain Snowflake’ symbol on its sidewall, verifying its all-weather performance and its proficiency in winter conditions.

Compared to the Quatrac Pro, the proportion of sustainable materials used in the tyre has been increased by 1.5%, aligning with Apollo Tyres’ long-term environmental goals.

“The Quatrac Pro+ is the result of 30 years of innovation in Europe’s competitive all-season market,” says Yves Pouliquen, Group Head of Sales and Marketing at Apollo Tyres. “Our latest offering debuts new compounds and design features that move the game on for the segment. It’s extremely difficult to maintain this level of leadership in any industry, but our R&D team based in the Netherlands have improved performance while offering an impressive range of size options – including for some of the largest rims available.”


30 years of all-season tyres
Apollo Tyres’ premium Vredestein brand has developed all-season tyres since 1993; in this time, it has become a pioneer in the segment and continues to be at the forefront in terms of technology and innovation. In addition to the upcoming Quatrac Pro+, Apollo Tyres has three main offerings on the market today: the Vredestein Quatrac, Quatrac Pro and, most recently, the Quatrac Pro EV – the first all-season tyre dedicated to battery electric vehicles and hybrids. In addition, the company also offers the Pinza AT for SUVs and offroad vehicles and the Comtrac 2 AS+ for commercial vehicles and camper vans.


Launched earlier this year, the Quatrac Pro EV incorporated the use of Apollo Tyres’ virtual prototyping software, developed over the last 25 years, which greatly improves efficiency, performance and environmental impact. The use of this technology has helped the company maintain its competitive edge in the all-season market and illustrates the evolution of both Apollo Tyres and the Vredestein brand, through the creation of innovative and sustainable products.


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