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Modern Tyres - Tyre Safety Roadshow at Applegreen

With October being Tyre Safety Month, Modern Tyres went on the Road and assisted drivers with tyre safety checks at a number of Applegreen service stations.

It’s always good practice to check your tyres not just for the month of October but all year round. Tyre Safety Month highlights the dangers of driving on tyres that are unsuitable for the road.


Especially coming into the colder / winter months, the weather can produce treacherous conditions resulting in unsuitable tyres being even more of a danger.


This year Modern Tyres ran Tyre Safety Checks at a number of Applegreen Service Stations and in our survey results we saw varying degrees of tyre conditions.


The average result was that most tyres were in reasonable condition but required air pressure correction and the majority of these drivers were unaware of the dangers of having incorrect tyre pressure.


**Under-inflated / over-inflated tyres cause premature tyre wear, misalignment, bad vehicle handling and can even result in loss of control of your vehicle.


Several drivers needed tyre replacements as their tyres had worn to just the legal limit of 1.6mm and a good handful were now made aware that within the next few thousand miles their tyres would need replacing.

**The legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm and anything under that is classed as illegal. We recommend changing your tyres at around the 3mm mark.



Mr. A called in with us because his TPMS light came on for loss of pressure in his front right tyre. On inspection we discovered a puncture mark made by a nail. On further inspection of his tyres, we discovered a slow puncture on the rear right tyre as well as bad tyre inside wear on the left front. All three tyres needed immediate replacement. Only for the TPMS light, the driver was completely unaware of the dangerous condition of his tyres.


Mrs. B arrived and we checked all her tyres. All tyres were relatively new with tread depths of 6mm all round but all the pressures were low and it was evident from the very obvious tyre wear on the sides of the tyre that an alignment was badly needed. 


Please remember that Tyre Safety isn’t just for the month of October. Please check your tyres on a regular basis throughout the year - at least once a month for cuts, abrasions, stones in the tread, general condition, alignment and pressure.


If you are worried about the condition of your tyres, please call in to your nearest Modern Tyres and speak with a member of our staff.

Drive Safe!


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