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Modern Tyres LED Sponsorship at the Six Nations Championships

Earlier this year Modern Tyres ventured into LED sponsorship at the Aviva stadium during the Six Nations Rugby Championship resulting in some spectacular brand coverage.

Modern Tyres have always, and currently have, a large number of sponsorship placements throughout Ireland covering a wide range of local and professional sports and we are proud to sponsor and be associated with all of our patrons.

In the past we have used traditional printed sponsorship boards at the Aviva Stadium during the Ireland games with limited impact due to the nature of the the traditional advertising medium of printed boards.


At the beginning of the year we were approached as part of a collaboration to try out the new LED at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin and we accepted the offer. Venturing into this new territory gave our marketing team opportunity to produce our own animated LED content to best capitalise on our presence at the stadium.


With a brilliantly timed touchdown, the Ireland team scored just as the Modern Tyres LED was playing and our name, in lights, immediately found itself in all four corners of Ireland - and the rest of world. From the in game replays to the half-time discussions, our name was there in the background as the players celebrated.

It didn’t stop there either as the same moment was captured and printed in nearly all sport pages around the country with Modern Tyres in the background. 

More recently Modern Tyres were able to utilise the LED system at the Tallaght Stadium for the AC Milan v Shamrock Rovers and and for the resumption of the Six Nations Championships at Aviva Staium for the Ireland v Italy game.


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