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Going on a Road trip? 5 tips to help you survive!

Modern Tyres vehicles are always prepared for the road ahead, whatever the distance. But what about when your trip is a planned holiday? Are you prepared enough? Modern Tyres have put together a short list to make your journey more secure.

#1. Going the distance.

Driving is second nature to most people and a car is a bit like ourselves - we only take care of it once something goes wrong. The reality is, if you don’t take care of yourself or your car, either could put you in hospital, so make sure your car and tyres are checked and that it will bring you there and back in one piece.


#2. I love it when a plan comes together!

Have you planned your route? If you haven’t i.e. ’Don’t worry, I know where I’m going.’- you will drive everyone else up the walls instead of to your destination: Driving 101 - Bring a map or even better, a sat-nav. Plan your journey before you set off and have a hassle-free, no nonsense road trip that mitigates any blame from you in the event of something else entirely - going wrong.


#3. Take me home.

The last question you want to hear as you are driving to your destination is “When are we going home?” Luckily, there are lots of gadgets to keep people occupied in the car during the journey. From DVD players to phones, it’s unlikely your passengers will feel the need to want to go back. Or you could just have a traditional old singalong.. now, would that be something.


#4. Keep a lid on things.

Nothing beats a comfortable journey. And just because there are seats in a car does’t mean its comfortable. Car cushions and blankets are a must. Even car shades can turn your car into a cool, comfortable retreat.

#5. Breakdown

Having some basic tools in your car can mean the difference between a quick roadside fix and a costly call-out. Items you should think about carrying are engine oil, a jerry can, a jack and a puncture repair kit as well as a tow-rope and jump leads. And if all that fails then Modern Tyres are a phonecall away with over 40 depots nationwide.


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