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Continental release new Ultra High Performance Winter Tyre

The Continental WinterContact TS860 S has been released!

The new Continental WinterContact TS860 S is a specialised winter tyre for high performance cars and it could be just what you’ve been waiting for.



Excellent snow performance for outstanding driving pleasure.

Interlocking and interrelation are always crucial factors when it comes to traction and acceleration on snowy roads. Thanks to the special construction of the traction sipes, the pattern always stays flexible for more adaptation on snowy ground. Additionally the newly designed snow grooves enhance the collection and compression of snow in the main circumferential grooves which get linked with the snow crystals on the road. This interlocking significantly raises the traction and handling comfort on snow-covered roads.

Best braking performance for maximum winter safety.

Stiffer pattern elements mean higher forces to dry winter roads – leading to extended braking performance. Therefore the blocks of the rib are only separated through thin lateral grooves which form a stiff rib due to the forces while braking. The result: shorter braking distance especially for sporty driving in wintry conditions.

Superb dry handling performance for the highest steering precision.

A larger footprint leads to more control. For this reason the WinterContactTM TS 860 S has been developed with wider and bigger blocks on the outside shoulder, which increases the lateral stiffness and the contact area. The effect is maximum control and steering precision while cornering on dry, wintry roads.

Exceptional low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption.

Due to its combination of innovative compound, profile and construction, the WinterContactTM TS 860 S efficiently reduces the rolling resistance for higher fuel saving – without compromising the safety.

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