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Bridgestone Potenza Sport Tops UHP Testing with AutoExpress

After two years of covid affected testing, AutoExpress is back on track tyre testing with this years Ultra High Performance trials.


Returning to 18 inch rims for the first time since 2016, AutoExpress tested the UHP selection at Bridgestone's Aprilia proving ground in Italy.


Bridgestone Potenza Sport came up tops with scores across the board of 100% in performance characteristics.
AutoExpress opted for the biggest-selling 18-inch tyre size, 225/40R18, and all of the models they tested had 92 weight and Y speed (up to 186mph) ratings.


AutoExpress covered 8 disciplines: Wet performance, Noise, Fuel Economy, Dry performance, Price, Cabin Noise, handling and braking.

For the article in full with all the details please go to:
Photo Credits: AutoExpress




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